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  • WeWork Westlake Tower 1601 5th Avenue Seattle, WA, 98101 United States (map)

Monday Morning Meditations for Entrepreneurs

- mastering the inner world of business -

Every day, what you face out there in the world, is actually a reflection of your inner experience. As entrepreneurs, we're generally information overloaded, our mental gears are in overdrive; and we're irrationally - and awesomely! -passionate folks.

(That's a-okay. After all, it's the path we chose.)

And it also means that if you start your day by diving within - by getting clear on what you need to focus on and intentional about what you'd have achieved by the end of the day - you're going to notice a big shift in what you see and experience around you.

Think about it this way:

You work out in the mornings to train your body, so that you have the actual physical stamina to run your business.

Why wouldn't you train your mind, so that you have the mental resilience and emotional grit to run your business, smartly and sustainably?

Meditation is a powerful tool that helps you do exactly that.

Meditation is the practice of non-resistance. It’s not about shutting your mind down, or having no thoughts.

It’s about training your mind to focus fully on what is happening in front of you - becoming present - so that what’s important can surface from your mental clutter.

Being present gives you laser sharp acumen to prioritize your tasks.

This means you'll have the mental clarity and emotional capacity you need when you are making hard decisions, leading a pitch, or needing to pivot, quickly.

Join us for a series of Monday Morning Meditations @ WeWork Westlake Tower:

April 17th: Flow - starting your morning "in the zone", so your day feels more of a flow with the rhythm of your business, rather than a swim against the current

April 24th: Focus - getting clear on what matters most, now, and how to center your attention on it (vs the other 11 things on your should-have-been-done-yesterday list)

May 1st: Fuel - igniting your creativity for innovation, problem-solving, and inspiration, so you can be energized by the very thing you're creating

Suggested Contribution: $10

*50% of proceeds go towards Mercy Corps Northwest, a regional non-profit organization that equips low-income business owners with business training, support, financial education and access to capital to improve their lives through small business ownership.

Wherever you are on your journey, you are welcomed:

Whether you're an entrepreneur curious about meditation; or a seasoned meditator looking to cultivate your practice -- no matter what your previous meditation experience is -- you're welcomed to sit with us. Bring your co-founder or team member, and multiply the FUN!

(yes, we did just say FUN.)

Together, we'll also explore basics like:

  • How to sit and settle in
  • How to tune in and tune out
  • How to weave a steady practice into your unique (and sometimes out of control) schedule

Come to Monday Morning Meditations - get your A-game on.

Registration preferred. Drop-ins welcomed, too.

Earlier Event: April 19
Later Event: May 15