Which meditation is most helpful for me?

“What’s my intention?”

B came up to us after a meditation workshop and asked, "Do you have a meditation you'd recommend for me to practice on a daily basis?"

We got curious. "Sure! We'd love to know what's inspiring you to build a daily meditation practice?"

B paused for a moment and she said, "I'm going through a transition at work right now. I've been promoted to a managerial position in the company."

Us: Wow. Congratulations!

B: Thank you! I'm super excited. But there's so much to do and so much to keep on top of. I'm feeling overwhelmed. This is an incredible opportunity, and I really want to do my best to lead the team to greater performance. I know I am fully capable of that.

Us: This is so exciting for you! We hear that your intention for wanting to practice meditation is to help you do your best as a leader everyday. Is that accurate?

B: Yes! I've set a big goal, and I want to make sure I do my very best to lead us there.

Us: Hmm... There IS a great meditation to get started with. Spend 10 minutes every morning to journal on one thing you'll focus on today to lead your team towards that big goal.

Some examples can be:

  • be attentive and truly listen when team members are communicating

  • set clear goals and expectations together with the team

  • block out time to execute your own individual responsibilities, and time to coach team members

Journaling your thoughts gives you clarity on your daily focus and priority.

Setting an intention for the day ahead—how you'd like to show up for yourself and your team at work—is also a form of meditation.

Every time we set an intention, we're subtly forming or reinforcing a mental habit.

This is a super easy and approachable way to start creating a meditative practice that sets you up to to be and do your best as you create success with your team.

B: That's super helpful. Thank you. I'll try that every morning.

What about you? Are you also wondering which meditation is the most helpful for you right now?

Grab your journal and pen, and let's get some clarity on that, shall we?


Inviting in a sense of curiosity, journal out your answers the following questions:

1. What challenges/problems are you wanting to resolve with the help of a meditation practice?

2. What aspirations/outcomes are you wanting to create with the help of a meditation practice?

Here's the thing.

Intentions are the cornerstones of our experiences.

Your intention gives you clarity on where you're wanting to go, so that when you do get there, you actually know that you've arrived.

Knowing your why—your intention—also gives you the motivation and drive to practice your meditation everyday.

Now that you're clear on the challenges you want to resolve and the outcomes you want to create, let's write a powerful intention statement:

Tip: Right click or control+click on the image, download and print it out, and fill in your intention statement as your visual reminder.

Tip: Right click or control+click on the image, download and print it out, and fill in your intention statement as your visual reminder.

Well done! 👏👏👏

Place your intention statement where you can see it every morning—as your desktop wallpaper, next to your mousepad, or on the cover of your journal.

Let it be your visual reminder to drive your practice.

What did you land on? 📩 Comment below and let us know. 📩

We read every comment, and would love to share relevant resources, tips, and meditations to help you fulfill your intentions, too!


💡 We find this this 10-minute clarity exercise super helpful for people who are experiencing difficulties starting a meditation practice. If you know someone — a friend, colleague, or client — who can benefit from this exercise, take a min and forward this resource to them. 👇👇👇 (They’ll thank you for it!)

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