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Join us in a Movement to introduce people to meditation, one sit at a time.

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You're one of us, people

People with hectic schedules and demanding social lives.
People who aren't necessarily gurus or hippies or monks.
People that are self-starters and makers, baristas and bloggers, musicians, artists, and OS engineers.


We're Modern, city urbanites.
We run our own startups (several of them, actually). We instagram our food and travel adventures.

We talk in # and text using emojis.
We get excited, we get exhausted, we get inundated, we get inspired.

And we meditate.

(...or have been wanting to...)

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Let's connect, irl

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Meet The Founders

Tay & Val

Welcome! We're Tay & Val - storytellers, community builders, change-agents, and purpose igniters. Everything we do seeks to inspire, and is firmly grounded in intention.

We created M to help you lead your best life. Through a series of pop-up meditation events and soon, a drop-in studio, M is here to bring meditation to the masses. Modern meditation - backed by science, crafted with soul, secularized to be accessible and approachable to modern people. People like you.

Whether you're a first-timer curious about meditation or a seasoned meditator looking to cultivate your practice - no matter what your previous meditation experience is - we'd love to sit with you.

You're officially invited to join us on an adventure with like-intended folks to explore and grow your meditation practice. Our awe-mazing community is waiting to welcome you.

See you on the inside,


Get Clear + Centered + Calm, Stat.

Learn how to shift from
efforting to ease, grim to grace, sluggishness to speed
— with just 3 breaths. (that's it.)

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