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Modern Meditation Movement

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Why M

why m?

M exists to help you lead your best life. We are Seattle’s first community-based modern meditation practice, committed to making meditation approachable, accessible, and applicable to you. Experience meditation that is backed by science, crafted with soul, and secularized to work with your modern mind, in your modern life.

sit together

Join us in a series of pop-up meditations to move past common myths and perceptions of how meditation should be, and explore how the modern narrative of meditation could be.

You don't have to already be meditating 20 mins twice a day.
You don't have to wear stretchy pants and sit real straight.
You don't even have to close your eyes.

Whether you're an urbanite curious about meditation; or a seasoned meditator looking to cultivate your practice - no matter what your previous meditation experience is - you're welcomed to sit with us!

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Our Schedule


…and many more

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We work with folks across all levels of experiences and expectations.

We’ve guided individuals, co-founders, and families via private sessions; facilitated team workshops at company off-sites; and led mass meditations to groups of thousands at galas and conferences —

and we can’t wait to work with you and help you (and your team) discover a way to meditate, #IRL!

sit for good

When you contribute to your own wellness through sitting with us, you're also creating wholesomeness in the world. Because with every ticket you purchase, you support a person in need.

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whAT M insiders are saying

Get Clear + Centered + Calm, Stat.

Learn how to shift from
efforting to ease, grim to grace, sluggishness to speed
— with just 3 breaths. (that's it.)